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Welcome to my lair foolish mortals! Wha ha ha ha!

Hippiegal22's musings on the world around her

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Hello! *waves*

I live in Kansas City. Right now I'm trying to juggle work, raising a family and generally getting my ducks in a row.

My big hobbies are collecting Hello Kitty (which makes birthdays and Christmas easy for my family) science fiction, crafts and anything from the 60's. In particular the spy craze and classic rock. I'm love music in general. I listen to everthing from Italian opera to the Jonas Brothers to Johnny Cash to garage rock to showtunes to europop. My music collection is INSANE on so many levels. Yes, I'm one of those people who is proud of the fact they own a working record player.

I have a very cynical mindset. I try to see the humor in the world and it ends up getting very twisted. So if it seems that my journal entries are sarcastic and warped, well they are.

Oh yeah, I'm totally super-mega-bonkers-obsessed with U2! Despite what my sister-in-law thinks Bono does not have a restraining order on me! I swear! :D

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